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Name Location Type Discord Website Broadcast Entry Fee Date # of Teams Prize Pool?
Ryhit Cup EuropeOnlineWebsiteGBP 0 perplayer2018-02-1516N
EEL Season 2 Qualifiers EuropeOnlineDiscordWebsiteWatchGBP 0 perplayer2018-06-1732Y
National Onion's Semi-Pro OnlineOnlineDiscordWatchGBP 0 perplayer2018-06-2316N
Kingston's eSports League North AmericaOnlineDiscordWebsiteWatchUSD 15 perteam2018-06-2916Y
Scorpia League Summer Qualifie EuropeOnlineDiscordWatchGBP 0 perplayer2018-07-2016Y
ACS League EU EuropeOnlineDiscordWebsiteWatchGBP 18 perteam2018-08-0116Y
ACS League NA North AmericaOnlineDiscordWebsiteWatchUSD 30 perteam2018-08-0116Y
Bullpup's Online North America EastOnlineDiscordWatchUSD 15 perteam2018-08-1716Y
vdesr gergeLANDiscordWebsiteWatchGBP 0 perplayer2018-12-0166Y
Valour Esports Cash Cup EuropeOnlineDiscordWebsiteWatchGBP 0 perplayer2018-12-075Y

10 events found.